Reinvent The Traditional Learning Approach With Virtual Classrooms

Today, one of the prime concerns for organizations that deliver e-learning solutions is about devaluing the experience with an ineffective training approach. Industry leaders keep pace with today’s dynamic learning environment, innovation and changing global economy. Virtual classroom environment is an advanced technology solutions for new-age learners and modern organizations.

Plethora of features need to be considered while using virtual classrooms to impart training. Some of these are listed as follows:

It is one of the significant features to consider as educators always want that every learner should have equal access to e-courses. Another benefit of ensuring that virtual classroom is accessible include delivery of varied learning styles, aligned to different learning needs.
With evolution of technology, the number of learners across the globe has also increased. Ability to archive individual learning programs is helpful for employees who were not there during the live sessions. It also has an additional benefit for trainers to use training sessions as an evaluative tool to assess employees’ performance at workplace.
Technical support
Another major benefit of virtual classrooms is their flexibility to cater to individual learning needs. So, it is important to have access to live support and not forbid learners from attending the session. Learners should be able to get timely support along with the availability of educator.
Classroom management tools
For face-to-face interactions or virtual learning environment, classroom management can build or break your learning experience. It is essential to encourage learners, facilitate engagement and boost business growth.
Organizations provide hands-on experience during classes to impart an interactive learning experience, mitigating the costs associated with infrastructure and maintenance. Let us discuss a few tips to prepare learners before delivering virtual classroom session:

Immediate engagement
An on-screen activity can be arranged to engage more participants right away. It helps them understand that the program is effective and will enhance their learning experience. For instance, a question can be put on the screen and participants are asked to respond via chat. A slide showing checklist of tasks can be used where participants are asked to complete it.
Early messaging
It is always good to send personalized advanced messages before the event starts. Just-in-time reminders help participants get into the mindset of enrolling for any training program.
Build collaboration
In a virtual classroom environment, it is important to connect learners from diverse demographic locations. It helps learners share new ideas, express themselves non-verbally and evaluate how peers feel about the discussion that occurs.
Emoticons to motivate the workforce, instant sharing of applications, creation of polls with instant results, use of efficient markup tools and whiteboard and online evaluations make virtual classrooms as productive as traditional instructor-led programs. Virtual classrooms are not merely about conducting online classes, but by incorporating them into your workplace environment, organizations can completely revolutionize the way knowledge is shared.

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